Modified 23 April 2015 by Eleyna


On Wednesday  I  went to the spectacular planetarium.The whole class had to get into inflatable planetarium quickly because it was kept up by air, so if we did not get in there fast it would fall on us (which is not good)!

Suddenly it went pitch black ,I could not see anything .Then diagonally above us a picture appeared it was the sun ,it was a gigantic ball of fire and is extremely hot !After the man (called Mr Allen)put the lights back on so we could see.Soon he got out two models of the sun and the earth and compared the sun to the earth of how big it is.Then he talked about the moon and about a full moon,half moon ,crescent moon and so on.

The best part of all was when he put a lamp on some light and it showed us about ancient greeks and what stars they believe in!It was the best day ever, I really enjoyed it.